Beta Streaming



PikeA ground gliding vehicle, that has been described as being similar to the Halo Ghost. It’s a Fallen vehicle that has the ability to fire some sort of plasma bolts at a very high rate for a short period of time.

Click here to see them in action.



Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 11.26.58 PMShrikes are a type of sparrow, but not all sparrows are Shrikes. The Sparrow is another single rider glider vehicle. Although resembling a Pike, Sparrows are significantly smaller in size.

Can be seen at the 9:40 mark in this gameplay demo and in this promo video.


Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 11.26.58 PMThe Interceptor is a Cabal vehicle. Similar to Halo’s Wraith, you’ll be able to boost in short bursts. It’s got extreme firepower, and will wreck anything that comes in its path.

Can be seen at the 4:35 mark in this Alpha gameplay.



 Devil Walker

Destiny Spider TankThe Devil Walker is characterized by its leg-like appendages that can be seen in the picture to the left.

Watch this beast in action at the 10:05 mark in this gameplay demo.

Spacecraft Large

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 12.18.21 AM

This flying vehicle has been spotted soaring through outer space and Earth’s blue skies. See the spacecraft from the rear here.

Name unknown


Spacecraft Small

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 12.19.13 AM

Although very close in resemblance to the larger Spacecraft, this  black craft has some notable feature differences.

Name unknown

  • me

    I like the ghost like thing

    • Raxs

      Same 0.0

  • Cam

    That space ship looks like something I drew a while back, neat!

    • Raxs

      Cool (:

  • Raxs

    Can;t wait to see more of these bad boys!

  • HaloFanForever

    Spider tank looks amazing!

  • Levi Schult

    Update: spider tank is called officially “Devil Walker”

    • Slade Kane

      and its an enemy vehicle

      • knownto noone

        So sad : (

  • Joseph Kinkead

    The Spider Tank is being called the “Devil Walker” in the new gameplay demo.

  • Rncs

    the spider tank is called a devil walker.

  • Jallerman569

    They should update these pages.

  • Osyth

    I totally want space battles. Customizable ships and space battles.

    • neonknight11

      You are totally right. Lol

  • destinyfan no1

    spider tank spider tank does whatever a spider tank does

  • DestinyItaly

    there’s a new vehicle : the sparrow. It’s similar to spike,but the first is for guardians and the latter is Fallen.

    • Thomas Harrison

      though the pike can be stolen or hijacked

  • Frezux

    Spacecraft Large has so awesome looking

  • Pillarshock

    though im bummed out about how you cant steal the devil walker, im still exited about the pike and the sparrow

  • knownto noone

    The Devil Walker is pretty cool. A barge in and barge out kinda craft. Durable yet Agile. The best combination!

  • Liam Sutton

    wat about the Shrike ?

  • Bede Fitzsimmons

    I want a spider tank

  • John Baratta

    The beta for this game is sick. The sparrow is fast and if you collect the 5 easy to find gold cases you get a faster one. Awesome game. Can’t wait for the full release.