PikeA ground gliding vehicle, that has been described as being similar to the Halo Ghost.





Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 11.26.58 PMThe Sparrow is another single rider glider vehicle. Although resembling a Pike, Sparrows are significantly smaller in size.

Can be seen at the 9:40 mark in this gameplay demo.

Devil Walker

Destiny Spider TankThe Devil Walker is characterized by its leg-like appendages that can be seen in the picture to the left.

Watch this beast in action at the 10:05 mark in this gameplay demo.

Spacecraft Large

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 12.18.21 AM

This flying vehicle has been spotted soaring through outer space and Earth’s blue skies. See the spacecraft from the rear here.

Name unknown


Spacecraft Small

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 12.19.13 AM

Although very close in resemblance to the larger Spacecraft, this  black craft has some notable feature differences.

Name unknown

  • me

    I like the ghost like thing

    • Raxs

      Same 0.0

  • Cam

    That space ship looks like something I drew a while back, neat!

    • Raxs

      Cool (:

  • Raxs

    Can;t wait to see more of these bad boys!

  • HaloFanForever

    Spider tank looks amazing!

  • Levi Schult

    Update: spider tank is called officially “Devil Walker”

    • Slade Kane

      and its an enemy vehicle

      • knownto noone

        So sad : (

  • Joseph Kinkead

    The Spider Tank is being called the “Devil Walker” in the new gameplay demo.

  • Rncs

    the spider tank is called a devil walker.

  • Jallerman569

    They should update these pages.

  • Osyth

    I totally want space battles. Customizable ships and space battles.

    • neonknight11

      You are totally right. Lol

  • destinyfan no1

    spider tank spider tank does whatever a spider tank does

  • DestinyItaly

    there’s a new vehicle : the sparrow. It’s similar to spike,but the first is for guardians and the latter is Fallen.

    • Thomas Harrison

      though the pike can be stolen or hijacked

  • Frezux

    Spacecraft Large has so awesome looking

  • Pillarshock

    though im bummed out about how you cant steal the devil walker, im still exited about the pike and the sparrow

  • knownto noone

    The Devil Walker is pretty cool. A barge in and barge out kinda craft. Durable yet Agile. The best combination!

  • Liam Sutton

    wat about the Shrike ?

  • Bede Fitzsimmons

    I want a spider tank