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Destiny’s Focus on Customization


Jogos UOL  recently interviewed Bungie software engineer, Christian Diefenbach about Destiny’s customization focus. The interview doesn’t present much in the way of new details, but an interesting read nonetheless. Although Destiny explores various aspects of fiction, it is a shooter. [It's] what Bungie does best. Since the project began, we thought to try something very remote from this area, where Bungie does [it's] best ... Read More »

A Combined Arms Approach?


All hands on deck, we live or we die Together, together No matter how far we fall apart, We bleed together…. -Young Guns As someone who spent more than 20 years in the US Army, the question is an old one: What’s the best branch in the Army? The infantry guys claim you can’t win without them, the field artillery ... Read More »

Bungie’s Full GDC Presentation

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 6.05.35 PM

We have seen leaked slides and details for the past few weeks, but now we finally have the chance to view Bungie’s “Building customizable characters” presentation in full. The presentation is fairly technical, but does give some good insight into how you can customize your guardians. Highlights: Full presentation: Or watch it on GDC’s website. Also here are some key ... Read More »

The Inhabitants of Destiny

Destiny News - Inhabitants

So here we are then, having arrived at the fifth and final stop on my brief tour of some of Destiny’s most integral tenets. So far, I’ve taken a look at the personalization elements of the game, the armaments that you’ll have at hand, the lore of the game and the universe itself, whilst here I’ll be concluding my series ... Read More »

Ultimate Collector’s Experience

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 12.04.38 PM

Read the original article here on Bungie.net. What’s today’s date again? Destiny Ultimate Collector’s Edition Offers Players Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Don’t just play the game – live the adventure! BELLEVUE, Wash. – April 1, 2014 – On September 9th, Destiny players will truly Become Legend with the launch of the “Get Your Ass to Mars” Collector’s Edition. This exclusive offering ... Read More »

New GDC Customization Images


Check out some of these recently discovered images from GDC which feature more stills explaining Destiny’s attire customization. The images were found on the Japanese website Inside Games by reddit user AgriosEndendros. View the gallery below. Read More »

The Universe of Destiny

Destiny News - Universe

For all of the collating and colonization during an unprecedented time spent amongst the stars, The Collapse has halted humanities rapid ascent dead in its tracks. The Golden Age has ended, and the daunting fear of the unknown has returned. This is the basic pretence for Destiny, and the reason as to why our position in the universe is as ... Read More »

Destiny Focus: Factions

Mini-Feature, Factions 2

It was back during the preliminary gameplay reveal trailer that we first caught wind of ‘factions’. There, sitting on the menu next to the likes of ‘The City’, ‘Bounty’ and ‘Raid’, three other aspects of the game that we know all too little about, was ‘Faction Wars’, our gateway into another Destiny portal rife for exploring. But just what are ... Read More »