Guardians are the series of soldiers whose purpose is to protect the existence of the human race. As we have heard from Bungie, Guardians like the Warlock have acquired special abilities from the mysterious “Traveler” which gives them super human powers.

Guardians will be broken down into various classes depending on their size, abilities, and tactics.

Also be sure to check out our Guardian Armor Page.

Guardian Classes

HunterScreen Shot 2013-02-18 at 12.48.50 PM

Hunters use speed to stealthily take down enemies. Hunter’s are the Guardian class best known for their superior sniping ability. Quick on the trigger and deadly with a blade, Hunters stalk battlefields as if they were hunting prey.

Subclass: Gunslinger & Bladedancer


Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 12.49.12 PMWarlock

Warlocks use the special abilities gifted to them by the Traveler. This means harnessing magic to kill enemy foes. Warlocks are not passive scholars of the unknown. These are mystic warriors, capable of incredible acts of devastation.

Subclass: Voidwalker & Sunsinger

destiny warlocks

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 12.49.25 PMTitan

Titans are a class of Guardian who are fitted with advanced mech armor. This suit gives Titans superior strength and weapon wielding abilities. Their lightning-charged fists will knock you off your feet. Their armor and shields make them nearly invincible.

Subclass: Striker & Defender


  • Max117

    Great! We clearly see some Halo inspiration, since the Sniper-Rifle has easily a Halo look!

    • nathan kirkby

      it sure does i would so be a titan

    • Squatchmen

      Hey, what’s up Max!

      • Max117

        Fine and you, chill Bro! :D I won’t comment often on Destiny, cause my heart is more for Halo, but it’s 100% saure I will buy Destiny! Raxs already took the lead, and I am happy of it. ;)

        • Squatchmen

          Ahhh, so you’ll be getting the 720, I’m guessing.

          Can you tweet Bungie to make Destiny for Wii U, PC, and the Vita

          I’m specifically getting Destiny just for the Vita and I NEED the game to be on it – or else…… Chuck Norris will fix it, Ha

          • Max117

            I’m pretty sure it won’t be on the Vita because the screen is too small for such a game. :L

          • Johan Lindqvist

            The PSVita is a nice console, I love it :)

          • Drey

            Destiny is confirmed for Vita :D

        • Squatchmen

          Oh and you might as well switch from Halo to Destiny because you’ll basically have the option to play that’s similar if not identical Halo.

          And I have a feeling, you’ll be happier with a PS4 than a 720 because of the limitation the Xbox will have when it comes out

          • Max117

            I will wait that both consoles comes out to make my decision, I don’t exclude the possibility of the PS4. Nothing is confirmed or better for the new consoles for the moment. P.S. : I love your new pic, it’s so cute and better than the two past ones! Olympic Games animals!

    • destinyfan no1

      titan!!! mothertruckers

      • Ezio7

        What kind of bitch would think that Titan was good. GO HUNTERS!! Second obviously is warlock

        • Thomas Harrison

          hey we don’t judge you for you picking hunter so don’t judge us for picking titan the reason I picked titan is because of the nostalgia from halo’s own master chief other people may have other reason but to each their own.

        • knownto noone

          HEY!!! Potty mouths, TITANS RULE!!!!

      • Daniel

        Hell yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lambpie


  • Mauricio Garcia

    So awesome, im loving this new bungie game already!

  • me

    Warlock is my favorite

  • Christoff Harvey

    Total Warlock.

    • daniel pryor


  • Venomrock101

    I don’t think Warlock uses actual “magic” I think he may be able to change the matter around him into different things though and then use it against enemies

    • Ink

      Destiny is a fantasy/sci-fi game. It is some form of magic. You don’t need to come up with some logical scientific explanation for it. Bungie themselves described it as magic, and they also said Destiny will have some Fantasy aspects to it.

      • Braden Todd Larson

        pretty much what he said was the same meaning of magic lol.

        • Ink

          Yet he still went out of his way to say that it wasn’t.

          • MrKennycakemouth

            hay, Magic is just Science we don’t understand :)

          • Ezio7

            That’s from”Thor”!

          • Ink

            I haven’t seen it.

          • Megistus

            “Any Sufficiently Analyzed Magic is indistinguishable from SCIENCE!”

            — Agatha Heterodyne, Girl Genius

          • knownto noone

            Everyone but apparently Venomrock101 knows that Destiny has magic in it so end of discussion. There are other topics to talk about in Destiny than whether or not it is actually magic. Like the computer based sounds or the graphics and the different types of weaponry.

      • Project No

        i believe they refered to it as “Space Magic!”

      • Random dude

        Maybe… the magic, is actually the FORCE

    • Thomas Harrison

      They literally created their own genre “Mythic Sci-fi”(fantasy and sci-fi combined)
      and in one of their weekly updates (i cannot recall which) deej tells us a story about a discussion he had with one of the designers, deej had come up with the idea that the fallen on death would have their souls ripped out of their bodies then the designer gave the idea that the fallen could breath out a gas on death that looked like their souls being ripped out then deej replies saying well why cant they be their souls being ripped out?

    • Rice Alchemist

      It’s not technically magic, warlock’s studied The Traveler (The big white sphere) and they found a way to harness it’s light as a weapon. So they use The Traveler’s light which i guess still counts as magic…

  • mmmmhmmm…

    The Hunter brings up a point that I have been trying to bring up. Recently I have tried many kinds of “hunter-esque” classes that are less often used than other tank classes (Titans in this case), and I have not found success with them. People say that those kinds of classes take more skill, and they do, but it makes the classes less accessible to others, and are sometimes plainly under-powered. I hope Bungie balances them well.

    • Osyth

      agreed. i would love the Hunter class. From some of the game play it seems that the warlock has like direct-damage sort of abilities, while the Hunter has indirect-damage abilities, like self buffs to guns with added lightning damage or something. I wonder the Titan will be able to do, ability wise.

  • Christopher Cowgill

    Need to update this page, please

  • Matt

    Titan all the way

  • Boy

    Hunter looks great with the cloak and hood.

  • Squatchmen

    Warlock is my favorite.

    From the designs for the Warlock, I like the fourth one from the left

  • Michael Milburn

    Could the titan be a bit like a spartan off halo?

    • destinyfan no1

      of course thats why I like it

  • Jonathan Ajuhan

    Hunter for me. I like steathyliness. :D

    • Ethan Turett

      You couldn’t be more right. :)

      • Ezio7

        Virtual fist bump! The 3 huntsmen!

        • Defendedclone

          *Cough, make that four!

          • daniel pryor

            warlock could just choke the huntsman with the force or something and kill the huntsman

          • knownto noone

            But then the huntsman’s secret stealthy army would kill the warlock in his sleep, letting the Hive’s creatures scavenge for his meat.

          • Lambpie

            and the titan would punch them both in the face and get a double kill

          • Riley Hill

            nice plan!

    • James Johnson

      A stealthy playing style is my favorite, but I think I’ll enjoy all of the play styles that this game will have to offer. A good player is a well rounded player.

  • Peeless128

    The Hunter Looks The Best, If only U Could Use Other Assualt Rifles and such Not Just Snipers. I’m Not Good At Sniping, But I Just Love The Look Of The Hunter. Hopefully Bungie Made It That Every Class Can Use Every Weapon There Is (That Would Be Spectacular).

    • David Langarap

      I don’t think it will be that whay.
      As the Titan description states:

      “This suit gives Titans superior strength and weapon wielding abilities.”.

      So as far as that goes, it will probably be that the Hunter can wield sniper-rifles,sub-machine guns and pistols. Warlock sub-machine guns, pistols and their magic abilities. Titans possibly rocket launchers, assault-rifles, pistols, sub-machine guns and light-machine guns.¨
      And if you look at the third titan you can see that he is wielding som sort of axe.

    • Sondre Nesset Grimstad

      If you like the style of the hunters, but prefer the assault rifles. Then maybe you should choose the warlock, though it seems it will be the majorities choice.

    • Osyth

      in one of the play throughs the guy playing said that it would have been equally likely for the other character (a hunter) to get what he had gotten (a warlock), the warlock got an assault rifle, and the hunter got a sniper rifle. So I hope that all classes can use all different types of weapons, but maybe some will simply benefit more from others.

      I am pretty sure every class is going to be able to use assault rifles.. that’s just kind of the back bone of any armory :P

      • chrisoverboard

        Every class can use every weapon

        but I’m sure each drop is random for every person not just sniper for hunter or lmg for warlock or rocket launcher for titan

        but this is all just a guess

    • Ethan Turett

      You will be able to use any weapon. That’s what bungie said. I’m gonna be a hunter using a light machine gun, a assault rifle, and a revolver. If there’s a fourth weapon slot, sniper all the way.

      • Ezio7


  • Sean D Pierce

    Looking at the armors, I can easily put the style they’re going for in league with Star Wars (the movie style – not the game style. The model/attire directors for Swtor were horrible :l )

  • titan4141

    im exited for the titan looks ba

  • Rayson

    I’m so glad everyone isn’t one sided :D

  • Alex Andiorio

    warlock ftw

  • guy

    On that Warlock hype

  • destinyfan no1

    last titan on left is epic

  • Project No

    im trying to decide weather to be a Warlock or Titan. but i guess i can just have two characters. (you can have up to 4 characters in destiny)

  • CJK

    warlock, Also hope they add 3rd person in the gameplay and not just animations.

    • Thomas Harrison

      only in the city

  • Guest

    Hunter or Warlock for me

  • ItsRainingTrees

    Hunter or Warlock for me! I can’t decide if I want speed and stealth or magic… I hate having to choose classes :/

    • Ezio7

      I know right!? It’s so annoying.

      • ItsRainingTrees

        That it is, that it is. It’d be nice if you could test out each class prior to choosing at least.

        • Thomas Harrison

          well you can have more than 1 character

          • ItsRainingTrees

            Not the same thing. I prefer having one totally badass character that has everything rather than several badass characters that have some things.

  • Mudblood

    Lets go Warlocks.

    • daniel pryor

      yeeeah lets GO

  • MrKennycakemouth

    I don’t know what I should choose! D’: i’m probably not going to be a Titan, I don’t think its me, but I don’t know weather I should be a Hunter or Warlock

  • Frezux

    Titan! No, Warlock! No-no, Hunter better. They’re all awesome! I can’t decide this! XD

    • Ezio7

      Hunter all the way to hell!

  • Sweet baby jesus

    im gonna be a jedi knight

  • Ethan Turett

    Too many people are picking warlock. Go stealth!

    • Ezio7

      Hey Ethan. Do you know if hunters can use magic?

  • Ethan Turett

    I wanna be a hunter, but I’m not a good sniper. But I like to sneak up behind squads, assassinate as many as I can then when I’m spotted, wreck havoc with my revolver.

  • David Kammerer

    can you trade weapons

  • rue the wizard

    a warlock exo

  • Sir Tiger

    I will probably play as a Hunter, or possibly a warlock. The Titan will probably be the most over-used class, judging from forum discussions I’ve seen so far, and because I think it will be more OP than the others. I want to use stealth, skill, and tactics to take down enemies, not overwhelming firepower. As long as they make all the races and classes purely cosmetic for the competitive multiplayer, I will probably be fine with anything Bungie makes. And who knows, my opinion may change when I get the game or when we are closer to release.

    • Sir Tiger

      Lol, just realized my post is 6 months after the last post XD

  • helljumper

    really want a titan with a hood. don’t know if that’s possible though :(

  • Rex

    Does anybody know if bungie will be allowing us to choose one character such as the Hunter, but design it to look like a different one…. Because what I want to do is choose the hunter, but design him to look sort of like the warlock with the trench coat.

  • RemoteCrab131

    I wish this game could have as much content as possible, I’m already planning to live in it, so I don’t get bored with my life so quickly after end game.. lol

  • Venge Drac

    Titan all day!

  • kdkldklslsd

    I hope destiny allows a person to save multiple avatars onto one gamer tag because I want to try all the classes at least once.

    • daniel pryor

      me too

  • Andu Niculescu

    Sorry guys,but I still think that the TITAN is the best…just thinh about it,a titan with”super good advice”and with the “thorn”,dropping of a building and saving you when you are pind down and out of bullets.(this is my goul dream character for me).

  • Pillarshock

    ima be an exo titan. show that fallen whos boss

  • titans

    so would the titan be like a tank?

  • Archoiddemon

    they all look really awesome! more likely to pick hunter or warlock though

  • Wes Casaus

    This Magic could also be like the Biotics in Mass Effect 3 or like the stasis or kinesis in dead space 3or maybe like the Didacts “Sith Powers” Im guessing it will be Very similar to those elements. Also 3rd titan from left would be cool.

  • Wes Casaus

    Most likely but we shall wait… to find out

  • Madsi

    I love the way the hunter looks but the titans stats or abilities fits the way im playing more… is there any way that a titan could look like a hunter?

    • Riley Hill

      if you zoom into this pic yool see the titanis wearing a fur coat
      does this count

  • Daniel

    Titan is the best

  • knownto noone

    I’m still choosing between Titan and Hunter right now. But, warlock is a good possibility as well.

  • kingape1

    ANY know if it is co-op

  • kingape1

    any one

  • NWCCory


  • Chris

    you cant win a war without infantry, Titans lead the way!

  • knownto noone

    TITANS RULE!!!!!

  • fusion671

    titan is the one for me

  • fusion671

    titan is my favorite

  • Amon The Minstrel

    I love the warlock’s gear but I like the aspect of parkour given to the hunters

  • Lambpie

    I feel lonely, being a titan and all…

    • Riley Hill

      dude ur not alon

      im a titan

  • Alphamale2946

    I was going to pick the hunter but I’ll choose the Titan because I’m more damage oriented

  • Riley Hill

    Titans RULE OK (so there (female dogs) )

  • Riley Hill

    my last message said that titans rule but here is why
    warlock are magical pros:they can throw spells quite far
    cons:they arnt always that tough in battle

    hunters are fast pros:they are fast and stealthy
    cons:they are not very STRONG

    Titans are strong pros:they are very strong
    cons:they are not fast and make a lot of noise

    i went for titan because i like strenghth and have sensitivity very high so i can whip around very quickly. i am a very good with heavy machine gunz

  • YouCanHaveYoBitchBack

    I know every Character has it pros and cons but im going with the Warlock because somewhere down the line of this Superior Next Gen Game i believe future updates will cater more towards the abilities of the Warlock because the creation of magic is limitless which allows developers to do ANYTHING!!! Oh yeah i almost forgot how amazing the graphics are gonna look while using the Warlock let alone magic!… Goodluck!

  • Boomtista

    hey destiny pls read i wandered if you could change health system and add a support class that can heal and give ammo 1 reason why is because in every game i always support or tank but don’t get me wrong i love titan great job on that but please add support if read thank you

  • ctms11

    Warlock are awesome!

  • Trino Krastev

    titan is my favorite, i like warlock special hability but i i dont like much their armours, i love the hunters armour except the helmets but i really hate the special hability (the gold gun) but i like his other hability ( bladedancer)…….now i like the titans medieval armours and his first special hability, but they cant use cape and i love capes T_T….so……my favorite tipe of guardians is the titan :)

  • Rice Alchemist

    All the classes have there ups and downs, it’s all about your kind of play style. Honestly, i’ll go with The Warlock because IGN had to leak soooooo much info on the Titan. I basically know all his powers and upgrades because IGN was like: “Look at this! These are all the powers the titan has! Derp,derp,derp”. I like choosing classes that i don’t know much about. :)