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New Monarchy


New Monarchy Faction. More information coming soon


Dead Orbit


Dead Orbit Faction. More information coming soon



Future War Cult (FWC)


FWC Faction. More information coming soon



Seven Seraphs

seven seraphs

Seven Seraphs Faction. More information coming soon




Osiris faction. More information coming soonosiris



Thank you to Smartman91 on Bungie.net for recreating Bungie employee faction shirt logos

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  • Christopher Cowgill

    Dead Orbit is best Orbit

    • Broc kelley

      Isaiah 6:2- Above It stood the seven seraphs: each one had six wings; with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he did fly

      Seven Saraphs- an inextinguishable light for mankind

      • Megistus

        As long as they don’t prove to be a bunch of crazy zealots, I’m going Seven-Seraphs.

        • Broc kelley

          Bungie has a way of making their consumers empathize with even the most heinous of villains.. And with a user base in the millions I’m sure there’ll be more conservative sects. hell, you could even join in with my friends and me.

          • Megistus

            It’s gonna be Seven-Seraphs or Osiris, unless Bungie reveal something that makes the other factions real appealing. I doubt I’ll be playing from day one…but i’ll be there.

  • Meka Croso

    dead orbit for the win

  • Alexander Goguet

    FWC ftw.

  • Raxs

    Dead orbit sounds awesome! I wonder who’s in which faction.

  • Josh Matthes

    I think the osiris symbol looks awsome im gonna be choosing that!

  • Collin Barnes

    Seven Seraphs. SEVEN.

  • Slade Kane

    I am my own faction
    B.W.V. Division

    not an official faction obviously, more of a clan if anything but still.

  • guy

    On that Dead Orbit hype

  • Mudblood

    Osiris or Seven Seraphs.

  • Daan de Jong

    can u be: FOTC

    what ofcourse stands for: Forces of The City

  • Broc kelley

    I think I’m going to fit right into this Destiny Lore, my name being Broc. In Norse mythology, Brok was the blacksmith that made Thor’s Hammer..Mjolnir :)

    • burt

      i think you have it wrong sir in Japanese history Broc was the companion of Ash the pokemon trainer, Broc was the one who horn dogged of the nurse Duh!

      • Broc kelley

        Lol, I’ll take it

  • Ethan Turett

    what the hell are factions?

  • Venge Drac

    I will wait until Bungie adds more Info on them all.

  • Pillarshock

    hmm, either the future war cult (fwc) the seven seraphs or the new monarchy. so hard to chose

  • Ted Shaw

    Seven Seraphs because Seven is Bungies favorite Number

    • http://www.gamespot.com/profile/CyberLips/ ReinAtieh

      Seven is my favorite number too because i was born on the 7th. :3

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  • Cortanis

    I don’t really see a faction here that speaks to reclamation of what was lost. D:

  • Bede Fitzsimmons

    dead orbit ftw

  • knownto noone

    New Monarchy definitely! Hmmmmm……the Future War Cult sounds good to though.