The Inhabitants of Destiny

Destiny News - Inhabitants

So here we are then, having arrived at the fifth and final stop on my brief tour of some of Destiny’s most integral tenets. So far, I’ve taken a look at the personalization elements of the game, the armaments that you’ll have at hand, the lore of the game and the universe itself, whilst here I’ll be concluding my series ... Read More »

New GDC Customization Images


Check out some of these recently discovered images from GDC which feature more stills explaining Destiny’s attire customization. The images were found on the Japanese website Inside Games by reddit user AgriosEndendros. View the gallery below. Read More »

The Universe of Destiny

Destiny News - Universe

For all of the collating and colonization during an unprecedented time spent amongst the stars, The Collapse has halted humanities rapid ascent dead in its tracks. The Golden Age has ended, and the daunting fear of the unknown has returned. This is the basic pretence for Destiny, and the reason as to why our position in the universe is as ... Read More »

Destiny Focus: Factions

Mini-Feature, Factions 2

It was back during the preliminary gameplay reveal trailer that we first caught wind of ‘factions’. There, sitting on the menu next to the likes of ‘The City’, ‘Bounty’ and ‘Raid’, three other aspects of the game that we know all too little about, was ‘Faction Wars’, our gateway into another Destiny portal rife for exploring. But just what are ... Read More »

The Lore of Destiny

Destiny News - Lore

It may be hard to believe, but Bungie’s Destiny has been in the works ever since the time of Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. ‘Destiny Awaits’ read the poster plastered to the street-side wall in ODST, a Destiny teaser that preceded the games announcement by almost three years. Following that, Bungie’s suspect trademark of the ‘Bungie Aerospace’ domain kept ... Read More »

The Armaments of Destiny

Destiny News - Armaments

Throughout my entire Halo 3 career, there was one weapon in particular that I favoured over any other. It wasn’t my trusty Battle Rifle, nor my shimmering Energy Sword, but rather my Spartan Laser ‘Galilean’, a weapon that I accrued a total of 1,200 kills with across 1,800 multiplayer games. I knew where it spawned on each and every map, ... Read More »

The Personalization of Destiny

Destiny News - Personalization

Despite Bungie’s rather coy attitude towards conforming Destiny to a particular genre or subset, for me, Destiny will always be an RPG more than it is any other type of game. It may have the skin of a first-person shooter or the musculature of an adventure game, but Destiny, down to its very bones, is a social, adventurous, colourful role-playing ... Read More »

High Res GameInformer Images

Destiny screens

Check out our Screenshots Gallery for more images On top of the custom armor build screenshots, HaloDestiny has posted more high resolution Destiny screenshots from  GameInformer’s recent coverge of Destiny. These screenshots reveal a plethora of action packed battles. Bungie seems to have made a ton of progress compared to screenshots released a few months back. I am loving those beautiful ... Read More »

Guardian Armor Builds

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 10.42.53 AM

The French website HaloDestiny (from GameInformer) posted some beautiful screencaps of a variety of Guardian armor mods. I’m excited to see what other cool customizations players will be able to make. Thanks to Marko for sending me the link. Titans Warlocks Hunters Read More »

New Moon Screenshots

destiny moon screenshot

If you haven’t already watched the latest Destiny gameplay trailer make sure you do that first. Below are some beautiful screenshots from the trailer that Bungie released earlier today. Wow. The wait for the Destiny Beta is on! Until it begins, these glimpses into your future should help to tide you over. You’ll never look into the night sky the same way ... Read More »