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Glitch: How To Get Inside King’s Watch

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 2.16.30 PM

Team Lag did a great job of discovering a way to gain access to the blocked off area of the “King’s Watch”. Follow the tutorial below to try it for yourself, although be warned, the enemies you find within may be a bit more powerful than you bargained for. Read More »

Beta Randomness


The Beta is currently under maintenance and will be so until July 23rd. (image by falconbox) How was your Beta experience? For all of the Xbox users, we’ll have download keys to give away just like we did for PS, and those will be given out as soon as they become available on the 23rd via Facebook message. Meanwhile while ... Read More »

Beta Campaign Walkthrough


The Destiny Beta is finally here, and we’ve given away 10+ PlayStation download keys. More will be given away for Xbox users on the 23rd. MoreConsole captured over an hour of campaign gameplay with all of the beautiful cut-scenes and gives us a walkthrough from the very beginning of the Destiny experience. You can find the rest of his campaign ... Read More »

IGN Streaming Destiny Beta Now!

32 - xKVDiyU

Deej joins IGN as they embark on their Destiny Beta excursion. Watch it live below in (choose HD)! The stream will last until 1pm PT (that’s 5pm ET and 9pm GMT) What we’ve learned: No raids until launch. Improved Peter Dinklage voiceover. Beta level cap “up to players to find out.” New weapon upgrade: crouching lets you zoom further. Can use ... Read More »

Blind Watch


Bungie takes us on a tour of Destiny’s Blind Watch map on Mars. Watch as they show us the new location and dive into some strategy with a walking tour of the map with Bungie lead designer Lars Bakken. Lars explains that if you are at least 20 meters within your teammate who picks up the heavy ammo, you’ll also receive ... Read More »

Rusted Lands


Bungie takes us on a tour of Destiny’s Rusted Lands map on Earth. Watch as they show us the new location and dive into some strategy for this Crucible location with a walking tour of the map with Bungie lead designer Lars Bakken. Unfortunately as confirmed by Lars, Control will be the only Crucible gametype available to play in the Beta. ... Read More »

How you like me now? | An Alphatage

destiny alphatage

I’ve always been a sucker for a good montage and that’s why I’m sharing this awesome one made by XeroPain. It has great clips, good editng, and most importantly it’s fun. Impressively enough, it looks like the whole montage was created using the PS4 sharing feature. Featured image courtesy of Ztemde Read More »

New Destiny B-Roll Footage


A new video of predominantly B-Roll gameplay has surfaced on the NeoGaf forums; thanks to MoreConsole for re-uploading it to his channel. In it you will see a Fallen Archon Priest (On the Moon!), a Vex Gate Lord, and even a barrel rolling Pike. Enjoy. Featured image courtesy of Ztemde. Read More »