PlayStation Exclusive Content Video


Check out this extended look at the Destiny content coming exclusively to PlayStation systems when the game launches. Remember: these are timed exclusives until at least Fall 2015. In other news, IGN just released a short interview with Jonty Barnes that let’s us know what to expect after launch. Read More »

Destiny Changes from Beta


In addition to the Interceptor changes, Destiny has some buffs in store for the Voidwalker Warlock. Datto gives us an overview of the changes coming for the Voidwalker, a minor change for the Hand Cannons and whether or not locking in your subclasses will make it into the final game. Also, as we reported in this article last week, Bungie’s Director of ... Read More »

Grimoire Card Bonuses


Grimoire Cards are unlocked from completing objectives, and uncovering new things. After your complete these accomplishments and objectives, you’ll unlock additional lore for Destiny with these cards. You can check your Grimoire progress over at once Destiny is released. Does the Grimoire Card do anything else for you though? DattoDoesDestiny sheds some light on this subject in his latest ... Read More »

Is There a Best Class?


What’s the best class? What’s the best subclass? These are very common questions. Is there one?  What class should you play? DattoDoesDestiny’s latest video helps you answer these questions, so you can ease your worries and stress about choosing one. If you’d like an overview of each class, check out this article. And remember, as we reported on a couple months ago, PS users ... Read More »

Hunter Gunslinger Build Guide


ReachForgeNetwork has another great breakdown with his Master at Arms series, this time focusing on the Hunter. He goes over the key multiplayer components for the Hunter Gunslinger subclass in Destiny, and explains long-range tactics and its precision capabilities. If you missed the Titan Class Guide, click here to watch that next. Read More »

Epic Beta Montages v3


After watching these, be sure to check out the second installment of epic montages we featured if you haven’t already seen them. Watch in HD for the best viewing experience.  GagmaTM kjhovey Pink Floydian Thel2ooster Alunnite TeamVibe Read More »

Launch Trailer Analysis


My name is Byf has another breakdown, this time on the official launch gameplay trailer that was recently released. He covers details concerning the Vex and the Darkness, a selection of weapons and even some Exotic armor. If you missed it, check out his Venus Trailer Breakdown as well. Read More »

Subclass & Locking-In FAQ


DattoDoesDestiny goes over how subclasses, the lock in (amplify) mechanic, and the fabled ‘third subclass’ slot works. “Destiny will launch with two focuses per class for a total of six, but you’ll have to play through your Guardian’s progression to unlock them all.” It’s assumed that the third slot is where your locked subclass will go. “Destiny allows you to freely ... Read More »

White PS4 Bundle Unboxed


Both Destiny and the white PS4 arrive on September the 9th – and PlayStation Access gives us an exclusive look inside the box! In addition, MoreConsole has a video about what we need to know about PlayStation’s timed exclusive content. Read More »

Dragon Slayer


In the recent gameplay trailer, after the narrator says that “there are enemies out here you would not believe,” we got to see a new (killable?) monster. We’ve seen something that looks similar to this in the Beta, in the Shores of Time map on Venus. Could either of these be the “champion” that the Dragon Slayer achievement alludes to? If you’re skeptical, you better be ... Read More »