Poll: What is your favorite Race?


Last week’s environment poll results here We have only just heard about the inclusion of Races into the Destiny lore, but I’m sure some of you already have your picks. There will be three playable races in Destiny, Humans, Awoken, and Titans. You can mix and match these races with your guardian class. This means you could have a Human Warlock, an Exo Hunter, or even an Awoken Titan. ... Read More »

Poll: Which Environment are you excited for?


This week’s poll aims to understand which new environment people are most excited to visit. We know that Destiny will contain inner solar system space travel which opens up the possibilities of places we can travel. If you want to look back to previous polls, the archive is located under Media>Polls, in the main menu.     Read More »

Favorite Species Poll


I started a new poll to see what everyone’s favorite alien species is so far. Obviously we haven’t gotten too much information about the species so far, but it is still fun to talk about it. Also remember that there will most likely be more species added to this list in the coming months. Read More »