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Poll: Buying the Expansion Pass?

The Dark Below

A couple week’s ago we asked what subclass you all were most interested in using and thought would be the most fun. The majority of you guys really want to try out the Bladedancer!   This week, we ask about the Expansion pass for Destiny. If you only bought the regular version of the game, then you’ll need to purchase ... Read More »

Poll: What Subclass are you Most Interested In?

subclass poll

A couple weeks ago we asked what everyone’s favorite weapon choice was, and the results are very interesting. It’s likely that Bungie will adjust the Pulse Rifle and Hand Cannon, as it seemed the majority of the beta players didn’t enjoy them. This week’s poll has to do with the classes themselves, and specifically the 6 subclasses. What subclass are you going to ... Read More »

Poll: Which Primary Weapon is your Favorite?


Last week we asked you all what class you preferred, and the results are almost equal across the board!   Now that the Beta is over, take a minute to think about which primary weapon you enjoyed the most. There’s been a lot of discussions at our community forums about weapon balance and strength, so I’m very curious to see ... Read More »

Poll: Which Guardian Class is Your Favorite?

26 - zqwvtyq

Before you take this week’s poll, I thought you’d enjoy seeing that stats from our last poll which asked players which edition of Destiny they are purchasing. The results are fairly even. Here are the results:              Guardian Class Poll Now that Destiny’s scheduled maintenance has forced PlayStation users to put down their controllers, it’s time ... Read More »

Poll: What was your favorite game mode?

Now that the Destiny Alpha is drawing to a close, it will be interesting to find out which gametype you had the most fun playing. So if you were one of the people lucky enough to play the beta this weekend, give us your answer for your favorite Destiny game mode. For a refresher on what each game mode is ... Read More »

Poll: Do you want a wave-mode?

Destiny screens

After seeing a thread about wave gametypes on our forums, I was interested to see what you guys thought about the topic. When I say wave-mode I’m referring to gametypes that put players against never-ending waves of enemies continually growing in strength. Similar to modes like Nazi Zombies from the Call of Duty Franchise, or Horde mode from Gears of ... Read More »

Poll: Have you pre-ordered Destiny?

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 5.26.55 AM

The last poll asked whether or not players would buy Destiny for the PC if given the option. We received over 7,000 responses which tell us how many people want Destiny for PC. While Destiny will most likely not (unless changed)  have a PC release, Bungie has said that the sequels may receive a PC port. In short, don’t get your ... Read More »

Poll: Would you buy Destiny for the PC?

Image: PennyArcadeReport

Bungie has said in the past that while they would love to make Destiny for the PC, they are not currently working towards it. This doesn’t mean that Destiny or the sequel will never come to the PC, but it does mean that we won’t be hearing about it for a while. Vote Below I’m wondering what portion of you ... Read More »

Poll: What battles are you most excited for?

Destiny Cabal

Its been almost three months since our last community poll, since which we have seen loads of new Destiny details. I apologize for the lack of posts this summer, but it was an extremely busy time for me. Although fear not, as my senior year of college kicks off, I’m ready to handle the news as we head towards the ... Read More »

Poll: Should guardians have pets?

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 12.58.40 AM

If you remember back a couple months, Bungie released some interesting concept art of a few guardians and a “space tiger“. The space tiger sits at the hand of the guardian as if loyal to it’s owner. What makes this artwork more interesting is that when this picture was originally leaked, it did not contain the space tiger, which was ... Read More »