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  • Destiny’s Focus on Customization

    Destiny’s Focus on Customization

    Jogos UOL  recently interviewed Bungie software engineer, Christian Diefenbach about Destiny’s...

  • Destiny is MASSIVE!

    Destiny is MASSIVE!

    Bungie’s lead software engineer states that “each of Destiny’s locations are more ...

  • Bungie Weekly Update 4.11.14

    Bungie Weekly Update 4.11.14

    Read Bungie’s Weekly Update below, or check out the full version on Bnet. This week at Bungie, we tr...

  • A Combined Arms Approach?

    A Combined Arms Approach?

    All hands on deck, we live or we die Together, together No matter how far we fall apart, We bleed to...

  • Bungie’s Full GDC Presentation

    Bungie’s Full GDC Presentation

    We have seen leaked slides and details for the past few weeks, but now we finally have the chance to...

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