• Behind the Scenes at Bungie

    Behind the Scenes at Bungie

    The Guardian just released an article that covers the behind the scenes aspects of the world’s...

  • Weekly Recap

    Weekly Recap

    Each Sunday we review the items posted that week, and highlight the articles that were particularly ...

  • Auto Rifle Weapon Guide

    Auto Rifle Weapon Guide

    My name is Byf takes a look into Destiny’s weapons. In this weapon guide video he covers Rare,...

  • Minions of the Darkness

    Minions of the Darkness

    As of the Beta, we know that Destiny will feature four enemy species: the Fallen, Hive, Cabal and Ve...

  • Raid Armor & Weapons

    Raid Armor & Weapons

    In the latest weekly update, Luke Smith gave us some insight into raid-specific armor sets and weapo...

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