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  • New Screens Showcase Last City

    New Screens Showcase Last City

    In addition to the new look of Destinythegame.com, Bungie has granted us a few more screenshots that...

  • New Guardian Class Trailers

    New Guardian Class Trailers

    DestinyTheGame.com website has just received a new facelift and it is looking great. There are even ...

  • A Visit to Bungie..Soon

    A Visit to Bungie..Soon

    Polygon has confirmed that come next Monday, they will be covering their latest visit to Bungie HQ. ...

  • Bungie Weekly Update 4.18.14

    Bungie Weekly Update 4.18.14

    Read Bungie’s Weekly Update below, or check out the full version on Bnet. Right before the end of an...

  • Fireteam Tactics and More

    Fireteam Tactics and More

    Check out MoreConsole’s latest breakdown of last week’s Mail Sack. You can learn about t...

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